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The Doula Support You Deserve

As your Doula, I will work by your side as you prepare to give birth; present in each moment with a spirit of positivity and affirmation. I’ll provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labor, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well.

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Why I’m a Doula

Hi there! My name is Braelyn Montgomery. I have four beautiful children that each have their own uniquely beautiful birth story. As a mother of four I have experienced various forms of my own births and I know more than ever the importance of a positive birth support team that will drastically effect your birth experience. I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support should be available to all birthing mothers during this sacred time. I see every pregnancy and birth as a miracle and as a certified Doula, I feel honored to be able to contribute my expertise to women and families in Orange County, CA. I received my certification through DONA International and have had the pleasure of serving families as a doula since 2016. 

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As your birth doula I will be there to support you throughout your pregnancy up until the birth of your baby.

This includes:
- FREE 30 minute phone meeting/ interview to get to know me and discuss any questions you might have 
- 1-2 prenatal visits to cover hopes, expectations, fears, previous experiences with pregnancy and birth, questions about hospitals, questions about the actual birthing process, pain management techniques, and birth support
 - assistance in creating a birth plan that supports your desires and wishes for your birth 
- text and email support throughout pregnancy
 - on call phone support from 37 weeks pregnant to 3 weeks past “guess” date
 - emotional, physical, and mental support throughout labor and birth for both you and partner
 - breastfeeding support
 - one week postpartum visit to talk through your birth experience and ensure you are feeling comfortable with your baby 

Please contact me for pricing and questions related to my birth doula service!


Whether this is your first baby or your fifth baby, transitioning to the addition of a newborn in your family is a big change.

For those looking for postpartum support I offer hourly services which include: 
- FREE 30 minute phone chat to see if we would be a good fit for each other
 - Being available as soon as you need me after the birth of your baby. This can be days or even weeks after your baby is born.
- breastfeeding support
- postpartum emotional support
- birth story listening and processing
- help around the house as you adjust
 - referrals to resources for greater postpartum support 

Pricing differentiates depending on the need for postpartum support.

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Although placental encapsulation benefit research is still in its infancy, what we do know is that women who take placental capsules experience the following:
- Increase general energy
- Allow a quicker return to health after birth
- Increase production of breast milk
- Decrease likelihood of baby blues and post natal depression
- Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency
- Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders

This Service Includes:

- Local delivery/ pick up of placenta

- Traditional Chinese Method  

- ​Optional umbilical cord keepsake

- Placenta Print

Please contact me for pricing

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I’m proud to have received wonderful feedback from some of the Orange County women and families I’ve worked with. For me, the most rewarding part of the job is building strong, beautiful relationships with my clients and to share in one of the most memorable moments of their lives. 

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“Having Braelyn as my doula was the best choice I could have made for my family. She was supportive, peaceful, knowledgeable, and loving. My husband continues to thank me for hiring a doula because he needed her as much as I did. I’m so thankful that we went with her.”

“I’m so thankful for the time Braelyn spent sewing into my pregnancy journey. I could not have had the birth I did without her by my side championing me throughout my 15 hour labor.” 

“I didn’t have a doula for my first child and know it could have been so much better with one. Brae calmed my nerves and gave me pointers well before the due date with my second and I honestly couldn’t have gotten through my second birth without her! Her support, encouragement, and knowledge was such a priceless gift. It made a natural labor more manageable for me!“ 


"She emerged from it all : transformed."

Lalah Delia

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